Voices across Missouri recognize the positive impact of investing and expanding broadband deployment across our state to help families, students, businesses, farms, and more get connected.

These are just a few of the comments that leaders and organizations across the state have made on this issue:

“This year, we are also proposing $400 million to further increase broadband – the largest single investment in our state’s history. This investment will increase access across Missouri, for rural areas, but also for urban areas that are underserved. With this plan, we will connect 75,000 households with high-speed broadband and invest $30 million toward constructing and upgrading cell towers to expand wireless networks across the state. This is another core investment we are making for the next generations and the future of our state.”
Missouri Governor Mike Parson

“Infrastructure is more than just laying pipes in the ground and wires on poles. By investing in modern infrastructure, Rural Development is investing in the lives of rural Missourians. This infrastructure helps ensure our small towns have the best access possible to clean drinking water, good-paying jobs, and high-speed internet, which all help to boost rural economies and build back a better America.”
Kyle Wilkens, State Director for Missouri, USDA Rural Development

“We are focused on getting internet to all parts of the state. Helping Missouri farmers be able to connect with the world and use technology to improve and maintain their farming operations is something that I am honored to do.”
Chris Chinn, Director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture

“Broadband availability and job creation go hand in hand. Having access to this critical infrastructure is essential for employers of all shapes and sizes across our state. Connecting more Missouri communities will help level the playing field for rural and urban communities alike.”

Rob Dixon, Director of the Department of Economic Development